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2019 Holiday Gift Ideas

Promotional items to spread holiday cheer!

2019 Holiday Gift Ideas

End of the year promotions are very important for many businesses as they take the time to thank and give back to clients that supported them throughout the year. Companies will also use this time to reward employees for their productive efforts, and will celebrate milestones as well as other achievements. Branded products are a great way to highlight this festive time of year as they can be personalized to celebrate both clients and employees. Below is a guide of the trendiest products to help you express your gratitude this holiday season.

Thank your hard working employees with a custom branded Stainless Steel Flask (CM2235). The holidays are the perfect time to de-stress and recharge the batteries for what will come in the new year. Not only are metallic finishes trending this season, this is a thoughtful and elegant gift that encourages employees to enjoy time off, while reminding them that they work for a great company. Promote not only your business but also a work-life balance in which having fun is very much part of the equation. This will ensure that your workplace is a happier and more productive environment.


Stainless Steel Flask 


Bamboo Cutting Board

Bamboo Bread Cutting Board (CM2246) - This is a great option if you are looking for a corporate gift that will leave a lasting impression. This is regarded as a higher end product, which is sure to win you extra brownie points with your customers. ASI reports that 76% of recipients will have a favourable attitude toward the company that gave them a promo product, making them more likely to do business in the future. As bamboo products are all the rage at the moment you will not only be providing a useful product but also one that is equally stylish as it is cool!

Show your employees how much you care by giving them a unique and memorable holiday gift. Our Rosewood Stainless Steel Steak Knife (CM2245) comes with the option to be personalized with your logo on the box, on the blade of the knife, or both if you prefer!  If you are looking for an out of the box (pun intended) gift idea, we suggest you give this product a try. In this case we think that by choosing a bold gift you will in fact strengthen your bond with the recipient. As we have pointed out in a previous blog, Products You Didn't Know COMDA.COM Offered, by trying something different, we believe that your brand can gain some traction.


 Rosewood Handle Steak Knives


Knit Cuff Toque 

Knit Cuff Toque (CM4243) - Promotional apparel, printed with your logo also has the capability to win you some new customers in the turn of the year. According to a study performed by ASI, 85% of consumers remembered the advertisers who gave them a shirt or hat, making headwear one of the most effective promotional vehicles in the market. As the weather gets colder, you can guarantee this warm toque will get its use, giving your brand more exposure especially when worn in public spaces. Branded hats are kept for a long time, and are likely to be passed to others, generating more impressions at no added cost to you!

Providing branded products this holiday season gives you an opportunity to end the year on a high note, and begin the following year with heightened brand awareness. People love promotional items because they don’t cost anything to receive and are tangible symbols of a company’s commitment to its customers and employees. It’s a small gesture that says “We care and are thankful.''

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