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A Job Well Done with Custom Branded Apparel

Use personalized wear as a tool to help unify your team, enrich company culture and make your employees stand out!

A Job Well Done with Custom Branded Apparel

What is a judge without a gavel, a doctor without a stethoscope, or a mechanic without his wrench? We can all agree that to do a job properly certain tools are necessary. Uniforms are an extension of this, as they allow individuals to carry out their responsibilities much more efficiently. Think line cooks, mechanics, and technicians. However, uniforms are not exclusive to these professions. Regardless of the industry in which you operate, every business can benefit from custom branded apparel. Below are some tips for how you can use branded wear as a way to increase performance and productivity amongst your team.

Long Sleeve Twill Shirt

Providing a sense of pride and unity is essential for a successful work environment. Ensuring that everyone on your team has a cohesive look will create a sense of community, and help enrich the company’s culture. You can boost your team’s morale with custom branded button up shirts, for those office professionals that require a more formal outfit. Our Long Sleeve Twill Shirt with Teflon (ACM581 & ACM581W) is available for both men and women in a variety of colours that match well with dress pants and slacks.  These are a great option for ensuring your team always looks sharp and presentable at every meeting or business dinner.


Some professions require individuals to be visible at all times, as reflective clothing can help easily identify people such as volunteers, emergency services and security.  If you have such people in your organization who are required to wear distinctive clothing, consider the Core365 Origin Performance Pique Polo with Reflective Piping (AC88181R & AC78181R). If your workplace has designated people such as trained CPR personnel, fire wardens, or First Aid responders, it is good practice to have them be easily identifiable in those delicate and potentially threatening situations.

Core 365 Origin Performance Pique Polo


Puffer Jacket

Highlight special employees or commemorate significant events in style with the Core365 Packable Puffer Vest (ACCE702 & ACCE702W). This vest is available for both Men and Women, and is designed to keep you warm and comfortable throughout the colder part of the year. You can personalize these with each of your employee's names to add a personal touch, that way you will all be in style and look like a team all season long. These can also be worn outside of work, allowing your logo to get that extra exposure!


Even in industries where uniforms are not required, there is an argument to be made for why you should consider personalized wear. To play the part, you have to dress accordingly. Branded custom apparel adds professionalism and legitimacy to your business. Moreover, it adds a sense of community and gives the members of your organization something to be proud of.

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