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Alternative Advertising: Brand Mascots

Gain valuable brand identity through the use of mascots

Alternative Advertising: Brand Mascots

The use of mascots for marketing purposes has been around for a long time. Take McDonald’s Ronald McDonald who is arguably just as recognizable as the golden arches themselves. Brand characters or mascots can be successful marketing tools as they are created to establish brand awareness and provide companies a great vehicle for communicating a certain image to the public. Mascots give brands an element of human quality and emotion that are necessary for creating lasting meaningful connections with customers. If you are looking for an innovative way to differentiate yourself from the competition mascots can provide you an alternative path for connecting with your customers. 

Mascots aid in facilitating emotional connections which in turn make it easier for consumers to relate to, as they bring the brand to life in the perception of the public. They personify a brand and strengthen their image by encapsulating a company’s values, mission and objectives. These factors contribute in creating an overall positive brand image, which can be propelled when showcased on social media channels. These platforms are ideal for playing up your corporate persona through characters, because you can control which characteristics to emphasize and which to downplay.

Mascots can have their own profiles and pages, or can be featured on a company’s account to engage customers online. Our increasing reliance on smart devices is making this marketing strategy a significant avenue for gaining valuable brand awareness. In many cases people prefer to interact with a cute, friendly character that represents the company than with a spokesperson or even a faceless corporate entity. These characters can be useful tools for getting information out to the public on social channels and educate potential customers about company news objectives all while embodying the company’s core values.

Murray AnimatedMurray

Murray, COMDA.COM’s mascot was carefully selected to represent the company, and can be seen on social media making appearances from time to time. Why an elephant? The concept behind choosing this animal is the that an elephant never forgets, the association of elephants and good memory was the perfect allusion to our Memory Minder Calendar sticker sheet; used for saving important dates that won't want to forget either. Murray is a symbol of our dedication to our customers and highlights many of our company values. His presence on our digital marketing campaigns is an ode to the company’s history and serves as a constant reminder of the high standards we have maintained for the last 46 years.

As COMDA.COM transitions into a more digital realm we are looking for new ways to connect with new demographics, while maintaining our relationship with existing customers. By creating strong and lasting relationships, companies will be more knowledgeable about the wants and needs of their customers. Mascots are way to interact with the public and engage them in conversation online which helps to develop a strong brand identity. These mascots can exist entirely online, making them a cost effective option that can be used for a long time. 

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