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Back 2 School: Products for College Students

The top promotional products you will find in every college campus!

Back 2 School: Products for College Students

In 2018, the education sector was among the top markets in the promotional products industry. According to the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), spending accounted for 12.6% of industry sales, and this has been an on-going trend for the last 5 years across all types of schools. This is huge for promotional product distributors as it represents an opportunity to get in touch with a younger demographic. Customized products are extremely popular in college dorms all across the country as they are used for welcome packages and different events during the school year. Below are some of the top products you are sure to see this fall.

One thing that colleges try to do early in the school year is get everyone high on team spirit. They promote the idea of belonging, community, and maintaining a network right from the moment you accept your offer to enroll. These institutions put in great effort differentiating themselves from other schools through: tradition, values, and of course personalized apparel. Casual wear such as: T-Shirts, Hats and Hoodies lead the category here as they are fashionable and can be worn outside of the campus. Sports events really capitalize on the appeal of wearing your college colours and rallying together as a team. By the time Thanksgiving comes around, a lot of students will be going back to their hometowns proudly wearing their new custom apparel. 

Spacious Backpack - Blue Clear Spout Water Bottle - Lime Green  Mini Spiral Notebook


 Spacious Backpack CM6342


 Clear Spout Water Bottle CMSS069


 Mini Spiral Notebook CM2022

As mentioned before it’s common for colleges to welcome their new and returning students with packages or gifts. Often specific areas of studies within the college will use this as an opportunity to print their program’s name on items such as: Backpacks, Fanny Packs, and Cinch Bags. These items are always visible, and serve as a way for highly regarded programs to identity its members in the campus. These can be stuffed with other goodies and as part of a bundle including: Notebooks, Pens & Water Bottles. Campus bookstores are usually well stocked on these, and as part of promotions will give them out with purchases. 

Branded products are not just great for current students, but they are also greatly successful with alumni and staff as well. Nostalgia is big for the promotional products industry because we find that former students keep a strong affiliation with their alma mater. For years after their graduation, and even for a lifetime thereafter, alumni will return to their school to support their endeavours. Donations, and funding from alumni are huge contributors to the overall success of a college so it is important for institutions to keep them engaged and involved with the school. What better way to do this than with custom promotional products!

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