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Best Zombie Apocalypse Products (Emergency Products)

Help your prospects survive while promoting your brand!

Best Zombie Apocalypse Products (Emergency Products)

While you probably haven’t given too much attention to the idea of a zombie takeover, the product experts at COMDA.com have thought of every scenario. Even if the sky is falling you can bet that your promotional needs will be looked after. We have created a list of items that not only will help you survive but will also keep your brand in the spotlight. Realistically, the products in this list can be used in any emergency situation, but we like to think that if you expect the worst then you’ll be prepared in the best way!

If we have learned anything from zombie movies is that things malfunction at the worst time. Keep a Seat Belt Cutter & Window Punch handy for when the electronic controls on your car give up and you have to exit out the window, Dukes of Hazzard style. You’ll be able to quickly cut the seatbelts and rescue anyone who has been left behind without wasting any valuable time!  

 Seatbelt Cutter and Window Punch
 Auto Safety Kit

Auto Safety Kit (7039) – This complete kit has all the essentials to assist you in a post-apocalyptic fender bender. Additionally the ropes, jumper cables, ice scraper and gloves will be particularly useful in a number of other situations. Comes in a reflective packaging so you can easily spot it even in the dark!

First Aid Kit (HT_9421S) - This may be the most important item, just behind weapons and ammunition. Without doubt you will be needing one of them, and you’ll need to ensure that it’s fully stocked as medical equipment will be scarce. Bandages, pill holders, scissors and more all in one place, and easily accessible.

 First Aid Kit
 Hand Squeeze Flashlight

Hand Squeeze Flashlight – You will need a flashlight to wander the streets at night in case you ever need to scavenge for food. Better yet you will have a flashlight that doesn’t require batteries and will keep going as long as you do. Simply squeeze the buttons together and crank up all the light, includes wristband so you don’t have to worry about dropping it while you run!

One advantage you will have over the zombies is that you will still have your brain. Camo is not just a fashion statement, it’s a defensive tactic to help you avoid becoming the zombie’s next appetizing meal. Wearing camo might help you blend in, and could confuse them as you hide in plain sight.  We have a variety of camouflage print gear including caps, baseball hats and winter toques. 

I am Legend, the Walking Dead, World War Z; these films have taught us a lot about the imminent threat of a zombie apocalypse. There is a reason why industries have been able to profit from doom prepping as there could be a legitimate threat upon us, perhaps they know something we don’t? Whether the zombie apocalypse happens or not you will be prepared, and your logo will be able to withstand all the post-apocalyptic elements!

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