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Charity Sponsorships and Promo Products

Spread Goodwill and Support a Good Cause with Branded Swag

Charity Sponsorships and Promo Products

Promotional products offer countless opportunities for businesses to support charitable initiatives while also promoting their brand. A growing number of small and medium-sized firms are beginning to take advantage of these opportunities as business trends have allowed them to become more involved in these initiatives. Support for charity does not always have to be in monetary form. Although cash donations are always appreciated, these do not necessarily help promote your business. Instead, consider providing some custom branded swag at your next local charity event and use this as a unique opportunity to spread the word about your business. Below are some examples of how you can utilize promotional products to help spread goodwill and support a good cause.

COMDA has been involved in a number of initiatives aimed at assisting various local charities. One of the largest beneficiaries of our community programs is The Children’s Breakfast Club. The Children’s Breakfast Club is a non-profit charitable organization that believes every child is entitled to a nutritious breakfast. We have had many fundraisers which have helped to provide thousands of meals each week for children in need in over 20 clubs. But we have also provided branded promo products to further show our support for the important work this organization does. 

In 2018 & 2019, as part of Black History Month celebrations, 200 children from five Toronto schools headed to Parliament Hill in Ottawa, each proudly sporting a custom printed t-shirt provided by COMDA as they learned about the civil struggles and contributions of Black Canadians. The shirts had the name of the event at the front, along with the date and logo of the Children’s Breakfast Club. The back of the shirts had our logo and company name. The shirts served as a souvenir to commemorate the event and allowed organizers to easily identify children that were part of the group. We are proud to have been a part of this learning experience and look forward to assisting in the future whenever we can! 

Another cause that is very special to the COMDA family is the Conquering Cancer Campaign. Each year we organize a Charity Golf Tournament which uses the money raised to fund cancer research and help patients undergoing treatment as well as their families. Last year we held our 5th Annual Golf Tournament in support of the Canadian Cancer Society. We raised a total of $67,000 bringing our 5 year grand total to $337,000! 

To show our suppliers, partners, volunteers, and friends gratitude for their support we gave out a custom printed goodie bag to each person that was involved in the event, either as a participant, or behind the scenes. The goodie bundle was made up of steak knives, a bamboo cutting board, a golf towel, golf balls and a custom calendar all inside a branded insulated grocery tote.  All of these products featured our logo along with those of the different sponsors as a way to foster good relationships by giving back those who made this charitable initiative possible.

More recently COMDA became involved with a student-run organization from York University called Schulich Charity Association (SCA). Founded in 1996, SCA is affiliated with the undergraduate business program at the Schulich School of Business at the university. To date, they have raised thousands of dollars for numerous organizations such as UNITY, Stella’s Place and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The SCA reached out and invited COMDA to kick off the 2019/2020 school year with their first event, Club week. 

COMDA happily accepted and donated 100 promotional tote bags to help the SCA gain student membership and stand out amongst the other clubs. As a school charity organization, they have limited funding for these events so we were glad to know our products would be put to good use. We hope that distributing the branded bags would aid in garnering student membership, which significantly helps to support charity initiatives throughout the year. 

COMDA is truly grateful to have the opportunity to support charity events in more ways than just monetary support. As shown in the examples above, business sponsorships can also come in the form of custom branded products that are used to extend the reach of a non-profit entity and facilitate the organization of future events. As part of our COMDA Gives program we are happy to give back to our community, and help out wherever we can. Keep an eye out in future as COMDA looks for new initiatives and good causes to support!

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