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Drink Up: Custom Branded Drinkware

Refresh your marketing campaign with personalized bottles, mugs, tumblers and more!

Drink Up: Custom Branded Drinkware

Have you noticed that custom branded drinkware is everywhere? Whether you’re at the office, the gym, in the car, or at home, it’s amazing how many times you will come across mugs, water bottles and tumblers printed with a custom message or logo. This makes sense when you take into consideration that almost 90% of Americans own promotional drinkware, making them the second most-owned amongst all promo products (ASI, 2019). Today, the demand for them remains higher than ever, with their popularity even spiking recently. Take a look below at the reasons why you should consider investing in drinkware for your next promotion.


In a previous blog we looked at which occasions are better suited for mugs, and which are suited for water bottles, tumblers and every other drink container type in between. In theory there is a drinkware option for just about every scenario making them very flexible and versatile products. Furthermore when used as giveaways, promotional bottles are kept for an average of 12 months (ASI, 2019) making them a great investment as you can be sure recipients will be using the product year round. Think about choosing marketing materials that make sense for your business, as these details can increase the advertising potential of your campaign. Ceramic mugs are not industry specific and give you a large enough imprint area so you can spread the word about any type of business or event.


Drinkware has become more of a fashion accessory lately as a lot of focus has been put on making promotional drinkware options visually attractive products. This is in part due to the influence of the retail market which has pushed business owners to use customers’ preferences as a way to build rapport with them. Bright, bold coloured tumblers with sleek metal finishes are a great option for spring and summer promotions. Tumblers are designed with fast paced lifestyles in mind, perfect for those always on the go. Insulated bottles in neutral colours with matte finishes are preferred for the fall and winter months as they can keep beverages warm during the frosty weather. By rotating through products based on seasonal preferences you will ensure that your brand will always remain relevant.

Source: ASI Central


Another reason drinkware has become increasingly trendy is the emphasis on sustainability brought forth by a recent movement that seeks to diminish the amount of waste generated by single use plastics. Hydration is important and always has been, but we are finding that many city legislations are now encouraging people to refill their reusable water bottles and ditch typical disposables. This comes at a time when awareness about environmental concerns are at an all-time high. Climate change has been a focal topic of conversation for younger generations, resulting in political campaigns and demonstrations aimed at bringing this issue to light. In response, many businesses are seizing the opportunity associated with this trend by printing their logos on re-usable bottles and using them as vehicles to increase brand presence. Consider large sports bottles and infuser bottles as these are good alternatives that align with eco-friendly initiatives. 

Promotional drinkware remains one of the top categories for businesses to advertise their brand. People use a variety of products from this category almost daily, and there is always a particular type that’s in style. In addition to being useful products, many options are visually attractive and hold great retail value. An emphasis on sustainability in recent times has certainly given the category enough of a boost to be in high demand. These are just some of the reasons that make drinkware a refreshing alternative for your next marketing campaign.

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