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Festival Season: Best Products to Promote Your Brand

Use the excitement of summer and outdoor events as a way to increase brand visibility!

Festival Season: Best Products to Promote Your Brand

Festival season is here! With some having already passed, and many more just around the corner, before you blink it’ll all be over! Festivals represent great advertising opportunities for businesses as they attract huge crowds of all ages and usually go on for a few days. From music and food, to arts and crafts, festivals come in all shapes and sizes, and are an important part of the summer. Don’t let this opportunity pass! Use festival season as a way to gain and retain brand recognition all summer long.

Staying hydrated is key for surviving festival season. People spend endless hours under the sun; walking, dancing and doing other physical activities. Remind everyone of the importance of staying hydrated, while promoting your business. Our Prestige Bottle (CM0394) can be personalized with your logo so your brand will be a topic of conversation as you hand them out. Dehydration can really keep you from having a good time so help prospects avoid the headache (literally) and provide festival goers with custom printed reusable water bottles.

 Prestige Bottle


 Budget Fanny Pack


Fanny packs are making a comeback, and they are cooler than ever. Big brand designers are beginning to tack their names on these and retailing them on the market. Get behind this trend, and ensure your brand remains relevant throughout the season, by customizing our Budget Fanny Pack (HT3402S). Available in lively summer colors such as: lime green, red, orange and purple so recipients will be in style all summer long.

Give your prospects a little extra, with our Power Bank (CM2046). Slim, lightweight and easy to carry as it’s better to be safe than sorry. Festivals typically last all day, which means if you are taking pictures, sending videos, and live posting on social media, one thing is for certain: your phone battery will drain. Here’s a scenario you’ve been at the festival all day long, you lose your friends and your phone is dead. Save the day with branded power banks, printed with your business name, and be remembered as the MVP of festival season!


 Power Bank 


 Smart Phone Wallet


Affordable and trendy, our Smart Phone Wallet (CM9162) is among our best sellers as businesses attempt to engage with new demographics. Tech related products are a big success with millennials as they enter the workforce, and promotional products are increasingly being catered to their preferences. The snap closure keeps all contents within and can be used as a phone stand as well, making it a fun and useful alternative to traditional wallets.

When you are fighting for attention with your competitors, you must strategically devise a way to stand out. These are some ideas on how you can use promotional products to do so. If you need any help picking out the right product for you we have specialists that are ready to help. You can place an order through our website or you may call or chat with us to find out more about how you can identify and reach your target audience.

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