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Friends for Life! Walk – Why We Are Walking

Find out how COMDA came to be involved with the OSPCA and this great event.

Friends for Life! Walk – Why We Are Walking

The Friends for Life! Walk™ is a major fundraiser for the Ontario SPCA and participating affiliate societies to support the protection and care of animals in need. However, it is more than just a fundraising walk, it is a fun-filled day that offers something for everyone who shares a love for animals. COMDA.COM is thrilled to be both a participant and supporter of this now annual event. But how exactly did we come to be involved with this great organization? Let us take you back to where it all started, so you can understand how deep rooted our connection really is. 

The Ontario SPCA is one of the largest, most responsive animal organizations in the country, with more than 145 years of expertise in providing care and shelter for tens of thousands of animals every year. The Friends for Life! Walk has been taking place since 2012 in various communities across the province throughout the spring, summer, and fall months. The objective of the program is to raise funds and awareness for the protection and care of all animals in Ontario. The success of the walk in 2012 prompted the participation of more locations the following year. By 2013, the walk was held in 14 locations across the province and support has continued to grow year over year.

In 2014 The Friends for Life! Walk, officially changed dates and took place over the September 20-21 weekend, giving centres the flexibility to choose the date that worked best for their location. Walks continued to run each year in September at various locations across the province to promote animal advocacy. Last year, the 2018 Friends for Life! Walk was held at 13 locations across the province on the weekend of Sept. 22nd -23rd and raised approximately $254,592 from all events. These funds were then used for a number of animal care services such as: sheltering, adoptions, treatments, rescues, and education programs. 

Many COMDA team members are animal lovers, and none more so than our very own team member, Melody. Melody’s long standing companion, her heart dog Andy, passed away in 2018 after 16 wonderful years. In an effort to pay tribute to his memory, Melody looked for ways to honour his life and found the OSPCA initiative not long after his passing.  Through her efforts, Melody has helped bring COMDA and the OSPCA together, and will be walking in Andy’s memory this fall. Team COMDA is encouraging others to make memories with their pets and will be hosting a photo booth in Andy’s honour so that participants of the Friends for Life! Walk can capture some great shots of their furry family members. 

We take pride in being Animal Advocates! Register to walk If you would like to help be a voice for animals, or be a virtual walker if you are not able to physically attend. Get your community involved today and join us as we walk for the improvement of animal lives and honour Andy in September.

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