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Get The Most out of Your Trade Show

Ideas to Attract More Visitors to your Booth!

Get The Most out of Your Trade Show

If you are participating in an upcoming trade show, you have surely prepared for it by carefully planning out all of the major details. However, as ready as you think you may be, there are always things you can add to make your booth stand out from the rest. In a previous blog we outlined promo products that are great for trade shows, and how they can be customized to work for you and your brand. Assuming you have taken care of all the essentials, we will give you some additional tips to take your trade show game to the next level!

Add Interactive Elements

Try making your booth an interactive experience by incorporating technology into your exhibit. A touchscreen display can be a great way to generate new leads as visitors can drop by your booth and enter their email address if they wish to stay in the loop with offers and special savings. Give them a promo code for signing up to something like a newsletter, which will encourage individuals to visit your website. This increases online traffic and familiarizes the public with your brand.   

Another way to make your booth more interactive is by printing hashtags and QR codes on giveaway products so recipients can continue to engage with you beyond the trade show floor. With imprint areas on promo products being limited at times, this gives you an opportunity to provide more information about what you want to convey to your audience. A QR code can be used for people to land on a specific page, such as a YouTube video or website. Hashtags can be useful for people to join the conversation online, this way your promotional product will be used as a vehicle to increase engagement.






Example of a QR code

Sample QR Code



 Stack of Bingo Cards


Have a Contest

Contests are not only fun but they also have the capability of generating interest and encourage people to work with you. Games are a great way to break the ice with trade show attendees, and gives you an alternative path for creating relations with potential prospects. In terms of competition a contest could be the reason for why a visitor may choose to visit your booth as opposed to your competitors’. Once you have attracted them, use this time to let visitors soak in your brand message. Visitors are more likely to remember your message if your booth is unique and engaging. Adding an element of competition that is active and memorable which can help you create strong brand relationships.


Give out Prizes 

Every good contest or game requires a prize! The possibility of competing for a top prize will undoubtedly entice people to take part in your contest. You can even have prizes for all participants which are different from your branded freebies. For games with fewer winners or only 1 grand prize you can gift high-end promotional products such as: cheeseboards, steak knives or barbeque sets featuring your custom logo. Another idea includes a swag bag filled with goodies or samples of your latest products.  In order to encourage visitors to give your brand a try you can make the prize a gift card or credit towards a future purchase, or if you are a subscription based service, give them a free trial!



  Cheese Board

These are just some of the ways you can entice new customers, and attract prospects to your trade show booth. Attending a trade show can be a great investment. Make the most out of it by trying something different than your competitors. Think about how you can incorporate promotional products to engage visitors long after the exhibition has concluded. Little details sometimes go unnoticed, but they can also be the difference between a successful exhibition and one that comes up short.

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