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Globe Trotting: Custom Branded Travel Accessories

Spring break is a great opportunity to pamper your clients and promote your brand at the same time!

Globe Trotting: Custom Branded Travel Accessories

March is approaching which means that many people are looking forward to a much-deserved break. Students and parents alike are counting down the days until they can sit back, and enjoy some time off. While people are planning their spring break getaway, you should also be planning your next marketing campaign. We have prepared a short list of go-to travel accessories that will pamper your clients on their next vacation while promoting your brand worldwide!

Luggage tags are a simple but effective product as they remain visible throughout high traffic areas. During March break, airports, hotels and public transit become very busy as people leave, and return from their destinations. You can use this to your advantage by providing some customized luggage tags with your logo. Our Snap Open Luggage Tag - CM1026 is a great option as you can easily adhere them to your suitcases and carry on.

Vacations are associated with positive memories and experiences, and you can use this as a way to influence how your brand is perceived by the public. By printing your logo on commonly used items, customers will begin to associate your brand with their positive experiences. Our Malibu Sunglasses - HT6223S are the perfect product for this purpose as they can be given out as part of a welcome package at hotels, lodges, and resorts. You may also sell these in a gift shop area or use them as prizes for contests.  

Toiletry bags are an absolute must in every trip, regardless of the destination. We think that providing useful items to your clients will increase the advertising potential of the product.  Our Toiletry Bag - 0314S is the ultimate travel accessory which will ensure your brand receives the exposure you are looking for. The idea is to provide an item that will be used so that your message will be viewed and engrained in your audience’s mind. This is a good alternative for spas, fitness clubs, and yoga studios looking to build brand recognition.

Give your clients a bit more room to pack their favourite things with our Budget Duffle Bag - HT3100S. If you are someone who struggles to get all their stuff back into their suitcase at the end of a trip, you know how helpful this item will be. This bag can fit all of the souvenirs and gifts acquired throughout the trip, and more! Features a large imprint area to ensure your logo is always visible.

Spring break is a great opportunity for travel agencies, car rental services, and other hospitality businesses to expand and grow their brand through the use of custom printed travel accessories. For more information about these products and other marketing campaign ideas please visit: www.COMDA.com

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