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Grab Bags!

Finding the right promotional bags for your audience.

Grab Bags!

146 - That is the number of municipalities in California that have some form of plastic bag restriction (ASI). With more and more cities banning single-use plastic products, this represents a massive opportunity for the promotional products industry. Re-usable totes are in demand like never before, as virtually every business and industry is able to utilize them. You may think all promotional bags are the same, but matching the right bag with the right recipient could be the difference between a successful or failed marketing attempt. At COMDA.COM we have all the right products to cater to different demographics, ensuring your promotional efforts are successful.

When we think of places that could use re-usable totes, Grocery Stores, Farmers Markets, and Liquor Stores come to mind right away as people need bags to carry things in these shops. The most suitable bags for these businesses are the more durable and spacious totes such as our Insulated Grocery Tote (CM5462) or our  Insulated Shopper Tote Bag (HT 3037S). These bags not only have a bigger surface area, they are designed to hold more weight and keep contents at a desirable temperature. These kind of stores can really take advantage of this new trend to eliminate plastic bags, and to personalize totes with their name. Branded bags have a retail value, and can be sold if you prefer to not use them as giveaways.


 Insulated Grocery Tote - CM5462



 Fun Tote (3010)


Our Fun Tote (3010)Tote Bag (3008) & Heathered Tote Bag (CM9338) are perfectly suited for schools, libraries, bookstores, and daycares. These are still considered durable, and can be used to carry papers, books, movies, etc. The idea is to provide a product that will be used in a number of situations, so that the logo or message will be exposed to the public eye. These can be given as a compliment for a purchase, or as a welcome for joining a team or club. 

If you are looking for bags to use as Party Favours, or at Tradeshows & Conferences, we suggest trying our lightweight and compact bags such as our: Convention Tote (CM2196)Mid-Size Tote (CM8191), or one of our Wine Totes. Events such as St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, and New Year’s represent an opportunity to promote your business in a fun, creative way. Make everyone remembers your special event by giving out some free goodies with your logo printed on them. These bags are not industry specific, and are primarily used as a tool to get recipients accustomed to a brand. 


 Non-woven Convention Tote CM2196


Grab your audience’s attention when you grab bags! Taking the time to analyze your target audience, is an important part of growing your brand. When creating a promotional campaign it’s important to provide products that cater to your needs, and those of your audience. Not only will you then create a lasting bond with your customers and community, you will also ensure your investment pays off!

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