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Happy Anniversary!

Promo products to help you celebrate that special employee or company achievement.

Happy Anniversary!

Keeping up with milestones, and the personal achievements of your staff is a very important part of creating a positive company culture. It fosters the idea of togetherness, growth and recognition.  However, finding gifts that effectively communicate this sentiment can be a challenging task. Gifts should say something about the company and positively reflect the brand, in addition to sending a message of appreciation. So how do you go about this without getting into the territory of tacky, frivolous gifts, and without spending a fortune? The product experts at COMDA.COM have the solutions you are looking for! See the list below for ideas to help mark company anniversaries in unique ways.



Bamboo Bread Cutting Board


They always say “think outside the box” but in this case we suggest to stay within it. Promotional products that are individually packaged in boxes have a special appeal and are far more presentable making them a good choice for an anniversary gift. Ideas include our: Bamboo Bread Cutting Board, Bamboo Coaster Sets, and Bamboo Cheeseboard. Not only do these offer a more refined sophisticated look, they are also a more sustainable option to their plastic counter parts. If you are a company that is eco-friendly and concerned with plastic production, this product aligns with that perspective, while still giving you the option for personalization.

For anniversaries that fall in the spring or summer months, you could gift seasonally themed products such as: our BBQ Tool Set (CM2167) and Steak Knives (CM2245). Although these can be used year-round, certain products receive more attention in the warmer months, as businesses use the change in weather as an opportunity to celebrate employees and their achievements. The BBQ set comes in a case which you can be customized to include your company logo while the steak knives can be engraved on the blade to say Happy Anniversary or the year of the milestone.



BBQ Tool Kit 



Picture Frames 


Looking for products that can be used for a wide range of celebratory events, and appeal to a larger audience?  Take a look at our Picture Frames, Mugs, and Laser Engraved Pens available in different sizes, colours and styles. You can mix and match styles or even create bundles so you can ensure everyone will be happy with their gift. These are simple, but elegant as sometimes less is more. When you try too hard to find the perfect gift, you often end up over thinking and miss the opportunity to truly make an impression.

If the entire company is celebrating an anniversary, consider gifting a custom printed Apparel with the year and location of the event. This is a great option as you will be gifting your employees a product they can really use, because who doesn’t love free swag! Chances are they will keep the gear for a long time as we find that commemorative apparel holds special sentimental value. Additionally, depending on the dress code of your workplace, these can even be worn to work, which adds cohesiveness and builds team spirit.




Ultimately it’s the thought that counts so as long as you show your personnel you care and recognize their efforts regularly, the gift becomes a symbol of that. It doesn’t need to be their anniversary to celebrate the progression of an individual. This should be shown through everyday interactions and daily exchanges. 

For more ideas on how to use promotional products in fun, new and unique ways, check out our other blog entries!

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