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Help Them Warm their Home with Branded Promotional Gifts!

Personalized gifts for the Real Estate Industry

Help Them Warm their Home with Branded Promotional Gifts!

There is no better way to welcome someone to their new home, than with personalized gifts. Real estate promotional items are used to cover a wide variety of client and prospect opportunities when branded with your logo. These products can be used as giveaways at open houses, or as closing gifts for new tenants. Regardless of the occasion, these items serve as vehicles for repeat business and referrals in the future. COMDA.COM has a number of promotional products geared toward the real estate industry to help you start gaining some valuable brand recognition. Take a look at the options we have selected below and learn how to stand out from the competition through the use of promotional items. 

Creating a unique branded gift is an easy, inexpensive way to get your name out there which will help your business grow. If you are looking to increase brand visibility and presence, your best option is to select products that can be mass produced and easy to hand out. This includes pens, scratch pads and calendars. These are good options for general giveaways, or freebies to have in your office for anyone that drops by. These are great tools to help you get the word out about your brand and the services offered.

 Promotional Pen  Promotional Scratch Pad

As real estate companies are often competing for: home buyers, renters and investors, attending industry related events such as tradeshows, conferences and other meetings could be beneficial for establishing brand awareness through the use of promotional products. These are great opportunities for agents to interact with potential clients and grow their network. Keyrings, flashlights, bottle openers and other small items can be taken to different locations as necessary and are easy to carry. Equip your booth with these attractive goodies and see how people flock to see what you have to offer. Tote bags can also be particularly useful as recipients can use them to throw in other items they get at the show. While they walk around the tradeshow floor, your logo will remain visible and a topic for conversation, especially if paired with an exciting bag or design.

 Promotional Keyring  Promotional Flashlight

Open houses are another instance where promotional products can become very useful vehicles for advertising. This is an opportunity for brands and agents to build some rapport with potential clients and begin developing a trusting relationship. Popular items to give away at these events include: magnets, desk calendars, notebooks and stress balls. These are items that will be useful to the recipient, as functional products that will be used are key for creating buzz for your brand, as opposed to gifting items that will be discarded. 

 Promotional Notebooks  Promotional Magnets

For new home buyers and tenants we suggest choosing one of our premium promo products, which are often regarded as more thoughtful gifts. These gifts can include cheese boards, mugs, and multi-function tools as these products can help individuals warm up to both your brand and their new home.  Products that make one’s home more welcoming, such as personalized picture frames, allow the recipient to get cozy in their new residence while keeping your brand in the spotlight.

 Promotional Cheeseboard Promotional Mugs 

We have many options for the real estate industry.  If you need any help selecting and customizing products we have a dedicated team ready to answer all your questions. The great thing about promo products is that you can make any of these items your own!

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