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It's Not Too Late To Give Out The Rest of Your Calendars

Creative, out-of-the-box, thinking will help you utilize those promotional calendars for longer than you think!

It's Not Too Late To Give Out The Rest of Your Calendars

Most people will let the remainder of their calendars sit around till August or end of the year and then, somewhat guiltily, throw the whole pile into the recycling. But there are a few people who realize that there is an easy and effective way to make use of extra calendars. Remember, calendars actually provide a whole year of advertising, so even if the receiver uses it for a few months, it’s still worth it! According the the Advertising Institute (ASI) 29% of consumers own a Promotional Calendar and 76% of them display it prominently in their office or home.

Here are some easy ways to get the extra copies of your promotional calendars out to consumers:

  1. If you have a mailing list, send calendars with a Happy New Year card or message to your clients, prospects and even past customers. It won’t go unappreciated.

  2. Check with your local stores. Many allow you drop off calendars to be given away for free.

  3. Keep a stack in the main lobby of your business. If you have a lounge area for clients, leave a few on coffee tables or near sitting areas. People are easily drawn to colourful graphics and quick readables, especially while waiting. It’s an easy way to distribute your calendars to potential clients.

  4. If you are attending a trade show in January or February, give out calendars with whatever other promotional materials you have. If the event has pre-packed bags, provide organizers with your calendars as part of the “gift” swag. You’ll reach more than simply those who come to your booth.

  5. If you have a sales team, and they are meeting prospective clients, allow them to take calendars with them to distribute. Snappy sales reps can incorporate the calendars into the meeting, using them to write key dates and information such as upcoming meetings, deadlines, offers or follow-up dates. Handing these off to the client at the end of a meeting is a subtle but effective way of pushing your advertising forward!

Take calendars wherever you go. They can also come in handy if you run out of business cards or walk into an impromptu meeting. Consumers that are given useful giveaways are more likely to keep them. 88% of consumers find calendars useful. 37% of consumers also keep calendars that are attractive. With these statistics in mind, you can be assured that a calendar is a great item for customers to keep handy year-round!

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