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Lights, Camera, Action!

Promotional Ideas for the Film & Cinema Industry

Lights, Camera, Action!

Whether you want to thank your production team, promote a new film to the public, or treat attendees of a premiere - we have items to help you do just that! The use of promotional products to generate buzz for an upcoming film is a creative, fun and inexpensive way to reach a large number of people. Whether you are a big studio, or a student filmmaker there are benefits that you can gain from implementing promo products in your marketing campaign. Below are some ideas to help you get started:

T-Shirts have always been a favourite for getting the word out to the public, as people often remember promotional gear they can wear. These would be a great option to hand out at pre-screenings so attendees can advertise a new film prior to its release date, creating some real anticipation before it’s even out! Promotional T-shirts tend to be a conversation starter as other individuals with similar interests may recognize the promoted film and likewise those who are not familiar will ask how and where the recipient got the free swag! Both of these scenarios represent opportunities to create impressions, and increase exposure. 

Going along with the more traditional products, you can try customizing some drinkware in order to create a memorable campaign. Give these out to anyone that helped organize an event such as a launch or release party, and anyone who was involved behind the scenes. Ceramic mugs have a special appeal as they are elegant and typically held on to for a long time, making this a worthwhile marketing investment. Add your studio’s logo as a way to create an overarching campaign that goes beyond the promotion of a specific film.

Backpacks and Totes are great for general giveaways to the public. Consider having a contest or competition where the winners will get branded backpacks for participating. These are great for film festivals, and other events open to the public. Print a hashtag on one side of these so people can join the conversation online in addition to a tagline referring to the movie. Attendees may be coming from different areas so these are good for the purpose of extending your reach.

If you would like to commemorate the moment and show your team appreciation for their efforts, consider gifting a branded picture frame. This is a fun product which plays on the concept of “motion picture” and “frames per second” terminology used in the film and cinema industry. Make it yours by adding the release date of the film and putting a special photo taken on the set, or a silly image of the film crew, to demonstrate your gratitude for the work done. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so thank them over, and over again with a thoughtful gift they won’t soon forget. 

The great thing about these promotional products is that they are all cost effective options! These are inexpensive promotions that can help advertise independent films, especially where a budget is limited. Big studio productions can also benefit from providing physical products that support their online presence. Start building your own unique campaign and promote your new movie in an attractive way!

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