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Meet Murray!

COMDA.COM’s company mascot

Meet Murray!

You may have already seen our lovable elephant around the web but we never took the time to properly introduce our furry friend. You might be asking yourself - why did we choose him as COMDA.COM’s company mascot? The truth is that an elephant never forgets, that's why! In 2008, Murray was selected as our Memory Minder calendar mascot. Since then our calendars have come equipped with our Memory Minder sticker sheet; perfect for customizing important dates, that way you won't forget either!

Murray is a symbol of our dedication to our customers and highlights many of our company values. Since 1973, COMDA.COM has been one of North America’s leading publisher of high quality, affordable, business advertising wall calendars and a full range of promotional products. We have helped provide promotional products directly to more than 60,000 businesses across North America. Throughout this time we have put forth the same quality, service, and affordability which distinctly separate us from our competitors. Our goal is to maintain our high standards of production and help you connect with your customers.  

We want to continue to provide the same quality service to our existing customers while encouraging younger generations to work with us. As we understand that advertising is moving away from the traditional methods, we have brought in Murray to help us transition into the digital realm.  His presence on our digital marketing campaigns is an ode to the company’s history and serves as a constant reminder of the high standards we have maintained for the last 46 years. Although we have always been confident about the products we output, we still believe there is room for growth and we are constantly striving towards improving your customer experience.  

Our company was founded on these principles, and we still live by them today. This explains why after all these years, you can still trust that COMDA.COM will deliver the same quality. This is why we thought Murray would be a fine addition to the team as he symbolizes the same passion and dedication that our team has for delivering quality products and excellent service. You can expect to see more of this little guy all over our social media platforms so you will get a chance to know him well. You'll see him from time to time, getting up to some elephant antics. We may even have a "Find Murray" game in the near future. Stay tuned!

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