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Multiple Ways to Customize Your Products

Pointers on how to create a unique and effective promotional campaign

Multiple Ways to Customize Your Products

Choosing the correct products and imprint information can be challenging. There are some things to keep in mind when creating an imprint, however what should you do when you are creating a campaign with multiple products? Product bundles are a very popular option for complementary business gifts, and these usually include a number of products comprised of different imprint dimensions and requirements. In this blog we explore the different ways you can customize your products in order to maximize your reach.

For building campaigns using different products, we suggest choosing a base colour for your products which represents your brand. Steer clear of hues that do not compliment your company colours and overall corporate persona. Instead, create a bundle selecting products that align with your brand, this way you can achieve a consistent look across your products. Additionally you can make use of themed promotions that feature products of a specific colour such as green on “Earth Day” or pink products for “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”.

We also suggest choosing contrasting colours for your imprint, this way your information will stand out. Pair dark products such as blue and black with a white or yellow imprint to increase visibility. White, clear, and glass products match well with dark imprints, however for clear products you may be able to see the imprint from the other side so keep this in mind if you are thinking of a double sided imprint. We advise against printing dark colours on dark products as this will decrease visibility, thus affecting the advertising potential of the item.

For products with large imprint areas such as shirts, you do not have to worry about small details not showing up. However if your logo has small intricate lines in your design, for products with limited printing space such as pens these will not show up properly and will cause the final imprint to look smudged. To prevent that from happening we suggest you keep different renditions of your logo ready to be used. This could include plain text, a simplified version of your logo, or the logo without any taglines or slogans.

By following these pointers you will ensure that the colour of the products represent your brand while the imprint on your products remains visible. Moreover by having different variations of your logo you will ensure that your message is clear and consistent so that way you can take full advantage of the benefits associated with promotional marketing!

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