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On the Go: Promotional Products for the Road

Switch up the gears on your marketing campaign with these products perfect for a road trip!

On the Go: Promotional Products for the Road

Whether it’s a long haul across the country, or a short drive for a family getaway, these items will come in handy for anyone who receives them. They make great gifts for those clients that commute, and are always on the go. These promotional items are also a great fit for anyone who works in the automotive industry such as: auto-shops, car dealerships, car washes, and more. Don’t let your clients hit the road without #TheRightStuff.

Sunglasses (HT 4000) – When driving no one likes to have the sun in their eyes, especially if you will be covering long distances. It’s always good to keep an extra pair around in the car in the event that the first pair breaks, or that a passenger in the car needs them. Having the sun in your eyes is not only dangerous, but can also take away from enjoying the scenery around you. This a thoughtful gift that will make the experience a breeze!

 Rubberized Sunglasses
Mega Travelling Cooler Case 

At some point on the road, you will get hungry. Pack a lunch and some cold drinks in our Mega Travelling Cooler Case (CM0003) and keep on trucking through your trip. Having a meal, and some snacks pre-packed can help you save you time, and will allow you to get to your destination quicker as there is no need to stop at a roadside restaurant or drive-through. Get out, stretch the legs and get some fresh air whenever possible, but try to keep these stops to a minimum by being prepared.

Power Bank with 2600 MaH (CM2046) – Power banks are always a good idea, even if you are not travelling.  Slim, lightweight and easy to carry as it’s better to be safe than sorry. You will likely be taking pictures, videos, and live posting during your trip so chances are your battery will be drained.  Give your prospects something a little extra for them to take on the road.

 Power Bank
 19" Compartment Sports Bag

19" Compartment Sports Bag (CM211) - Regular road trippers know that fitting everything you need into one bag can be a real challenge. The gusset at the bottom, shoe compartment and U-shaped zipper were designed with storage space in mind. This bag gives you more room to pack all of the essentials AND MORE!

Travel Blanket (7014S) – Great to cozy up for naptime or using as a picnic blanket. It conveniently comes in a zippered pouch to fold and put away when it’s not being used. It is compact, saving you valuable space in the car when you are on the road. Always good to have extra warmth in the event that something goes wrong, for example if your car breaks down and you are stranded until assistance can get to you. Help your customers warm up to your brand with this item!

 Travel Blanket

Remember you can customize these items with your business logo and use them as giveaways to promote your brand at different events. Providing useful products will ensure that your brand receives the attention it deserves.  Recipients will love these handy products and won’t want to leave home without them!

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