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The Best Promotional Gift is One They Will Use

Promotional gifts are not only thoughtful but they are useful as well. Consider how you can incorporate promotional items into your gifting strategy so people will always have your brand front of mind!

The Best Promotional Gift is One They Will Use

One rule for promotional gifting is that people easily remember brands or messages that are promoted on products they like and use often. This means that your choices should not be restricted only to those products which directly reflect the nature of your business – such as a dentist handing out tooth brushes. Rather you should expand your horizon and be creative in thinking of what products will be used and appreciated most by your customers and then branding them for your business.

COMDA offers a selection of household items which make great promotional gifts because virtually everybody can use them and will see your brand and message each time. Even the most common items will develop a unique identity the more they are used. Rather than just asking for a mug, consumers may say, “Pass me the ABC Towing Mug” or “Hand me that Regal Realty knife” when they want the best knife in the drawer.

It can be very simple to tie a household item to any given promotional theme. Any occasion can be a perfect opportunity to introduce a theme and take advantage of this strategy—holidays, changes of season, local events and more. Creativity is the key, but simplicity goes a long way. Brand a Kamisori Ceramic Knife with the slogan, “We cut prices!” and you’ll make a lasting impression. Or give customers a stainless steel vacuum flask branded, “We are with you wherever you go”.

COMDA offers its customers a wide assortment of quality promotional products at “direct to you” pricing so your dollar will stretch a lot further. Talk with your COMDA Account Manager today for helpful hints on how to boost your business with creative promotional ideas.

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