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Think Outside the Cup! Unique Uses for Drinkware

Add your own twist to a classic promo product!

Think Outside the Cup! Unique Uses for Drinkware

Drinkware is a staple of the promotional products industry, as it has proven to be an effective advertising vehicle over the years. Drinkware products keep drinks hot and cold, and most importantly they showcase your brand. But what else can you do with custom-printed drinkware? For starters not all uses of drinkware involve drinking. These products can also be used in a number of fun and unexpected ways. Below are some ideas to help you get the most out of your drinkware and make your next campaign a success!

Drinkware can interchangeably be used as an office supply holder to help you organize your desk. Putting writing instruments, rulers, scissors, etc inside a mug is the most popular alternative use to drinkware and gives your work area a more rustic feel. Mugs are a great promotional gift for anyone who works in an office setting, because if they’re not using it for coffee they can certainly use it as a desk organizer.

Branded drinkware can be also serve as a table centerpiece or decorative item that will accentuate any room. Put artificial flowers in a ceramic mug and create an impromptu vase, or take it a step further and use real dirt to make a small planter. Turn our ceramic mugs into flower pots, customized with your branding and make your logo part of the décor.

Light up your promotion by using drinkware as branded candle holders! Put a small candle inside and throw some mini lamp shades on them to add an elegant touch. If you enjoy D-I-Y projects, revamping and repurposing objects then you will love the end result! Alternatively, mugs make great candy holders. Place mints, jelly beans, or chocolate almonds in these and leave out for your guests to help themselves!

With golf season in full swing, you can make drinkware part of a gift bundle by stuffing other products inside one of our large sports bottles. You can easily fit a small golf towel, a ball, a marker and a divot into a bottle to create the ultimate golf enthusiast package. Gift these to your clients on special occasions, or give them out at tournaments and other corporate events.  

Having a product that can be used in a number of different ways will increase the advertising potential of the item. On one hand you have the intended use of the item, and on the other you have the multiple other ways in which your product can be utilized by their recipient. Increase your reach by choosing multi-functional products that are versatile and can be repurposed!

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