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Top Products to Keep Around in the Office

Promotional Ideas Perfect for the Office Life

Top Products to Keep Around in the Office

COMDA.COM offers a wide variety of office products to ensure your brand remains in the spotlight. We combine utility and affordability so you never have to compromise. We have products that are not only functional but in fact necessary to make day to day functions a little easier. The list below highlights some of our top choices for products your clients and prospects will love to keep around the office, offering your brand additional exposure year round!

Although it seems that every day we are moving towards an increasingly digital world, there is something special about having a physical calendar pinned on your wall. In an environment where we are constantly reminded that time is money, promotional Calendars are very valuable tools. They help you organize everything from meetings and deadlines to social events, they serve as reminders of daily tasks. and overall they help increase our productivity. All of this is happening while your logo is showcased every day!

For many people having a framed memento of family and friends at their desk as part of their decor is important, this is why personalized Picture Frames should be among your top choices. Gift your prospects a product that they can truly make theirs by adding a picture of a spouse, their favourite child or even a pet! These are a great option for employee appreciation events, or as a gift to commemorate an important company milestone.

Mugs are another popular office product, with immense advertising potential. These are great because they can be used in a number of fun and creative ways. Mugs will keep drinks hot or cold, but they can also hold office supplies and can even be used as a decorative item on your desk. The more uses you can get out of a product, the more impressions your product will create. Gifting versatile, multi-functional products often translates to an increased opportunity for your logo and brand to be seen.  

Jotting down information, making notes and bookmarking pages are all a part of office life. We have Scratch Pads to help your clients and prospects stay on top of everyday tasks. These are practical, handy, and feature your custom imprint on every page. Ideal for quick messages, setting reminders and indicating directions. Make these a part of your trade show goodie bags, or use them as general giveaways.

Providing useful products that are part of everyday life is a sure way to guarantee that your brand is a topic of conversation. The great thing about promotional products is that they are everywhere, which means if you can put a logo on it, we have it! Start growing your brand today with #TheRightStuff.

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