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What goes Into Designing a Logo?

We asked our experts to break it down for you!

What goes Into Designing a Logo?

For starters, what is a logo? This word gets tossed around a lot, and plugged into everyday conversations but most people would probably not be able to identify the purpose, or elements that make up a good successful logo. Simply put – logos are visual devices that are used to represent an organization as a way to identify its products, services and overall corporate persona. While logos are often pictures or animations, they can also be: words, shapes, symbols or a combination of these that together help the public identify an organization.

But a successful logo is more than just a symbol of identification, a good logo will draw in the public by telling a story, and conveying the brand’s message in a way that creates an emotional bond with the consumer. Understanding these concepts is key as you are trying to create your own logo, according to graphic and web-designer at COMDA.com, Peter Huynh. Whether you are trying to start a brand, a business, or perhaps a website or blog – it is a smart call to create a logo as part of your endeavour.

A logo is composed of a number of elements, and although there is no formula for coming up with the perfect design, we can certainly look at successful companies for inspirations and pointers. The first thing to consider is the colour, as colours serve a crucial role in communicating your brand message. Colours can tell the audience a lot about your company’s identity and should be used where applicable to further strengthen your message.

The image aspect of your logo is your best bet for creating brand awareness, as it ultimately the symbol that the public will associate with your brand. Your image is important because it will create a first impression, and separate you from your competitors. If the graphic component of your logo is not clear, consistent or looks like something else at first glance, then this will jeopardize how your brand is perceived.

The text component of a logo is also very important which also includes typography, and font style choices. Many logos use letters, or play with their arrangement as a centre focus because words can be a powerful vehicle for eliciting an emotional response. Additionally, tag lines are also tools which can effectively grab your audience’s attention. These are usually found underneath the logo itself. If done correctly, coming up with a catchy phrase or sentence will help your brand stay fresh in you audience’s minds.

There you have it, these are the basics for what to consider when making a logo. You can now go on to make the new swoosh, apple or golden arches and watch your brand grow as you take on a new venture!

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