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Why Team Building Events Are Good For Your Business

The benefits of successful team building exercises

Why Team Building Events Are Good For Your Business

COMDA recently put together a team for the Orbis Plane Pull for Sight Fundraiser, and will also be hosting a series of games and activities for an upcoming Employee Appreciation Day. But what is it about these activities that generate buzz and why is it important to make them a part of your company’s culture? In this blog, we look at the positive effects that are associated with team building events, and how these ultimately benefit your business. 

Team building brings people together, which is the first step towards fostering connections and relationships that transcend beyond the workplace. Spending time with your team in different settings allows you to see an individual in a different light, enabling you to connect on a deeper, personal level.  The result is a group that is able to communicate better amongst each other, and better able to identify its strengths and weaknesses. This is key to deal with adversity and overcome obstacles in a daily work environment.

Working together boosts team morale and improves the ability to problem solve. It allows individuals to tap into their creative and innovative sides as they band together to achieve a common goal or objective. Once that objective is reached it makes everyone who was a part of it feel productive and motivated.  This is why anytime there is an aspect of competition involved in an activity, it inherently makes it better. Competition facilitates team spirit and encourages everyone to operate as a unit, which is crucial for the growth of any company.

These competitions are often silly, slightly embarrassing and usually involve completing an otherwise seemingly pointless task. But what this really does is push people to break out of their comfort zones, and develop new skills. The idea is to put you in situations you don’t always find yourself in, so you can work up the courage and confidence to then take on any work related projects that are thrown your way. These events are a great vehicle for improving confidence, which then translate to increased productivity in the workplace.  

In terms of corporate development, team building events are important because they improve communication, strengthen bonds and allows participants to further develop their skills. All of these things help create an environment where your employees feel welcome and are proud to be a part of.  Ensuring your employees are happy, and constantly growing ultimately increases productivity, and fosters a positive company culture.

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