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8 Myths About Promotional Products

Debunking myths about promotional products, COMDA looks at ways to make promo products work for you!

8 Myths About Promotional Products

Promotional products have long been misunderstood in the world of marketing, which is ironic, given how wildly popular promo items ranging from pens to piggy banks are among clients and consumers! Here at Comda Advertising Connections, we've decided to do some in-house 'mythbusting' by putting together a list of the 8 most common myths we hear about promo products (and why savvy business owners know to ignore these myths):

Myth #1 - Promotional Products Don't Have a Measureable ROI.

Calculating the ROI (return on investment) for promotional products is surprisingly simple and very accurate: just factor the cost-per-impression number times and divide that by the number of times someone sees the advertisement. Easy, right?

Don't forget that unlike print ads, online ads, and other 'disposable' marketing methods, with reusable promotional products, your messaging gets some pretty impressive mileage!

Myth #2 - Consumers See Promo Products As 'Clutter' And Throw Items Away

We hear this one a lot, but the fact is that consumers actually keep promotional products much longer than similar non-branded items. A recent industry study revealed that an average of 65% of consumers surveyed passed products along to someone else instead of throwing the promo items out, extending the longevity of a campaign and the reach of the product itself.

Myth #3 - Promotional Products Are Tacky

Says who? Tacky or not, consumers see value in 'free items' like branded drinkware, personalized tools and keychains, especially when these promotional items are linked to a fun event (such as a customer appreciation event), humour, or some other feel-good messaging that portrays your brand in a positive light.

Myth #4 - Promo Products Aren't Suitable As Gifts

Promotional products are often quickly discounted as potential 'gifts' due to the fact that these items are branded with your business logo and/or contact information. However, our cheese boards (which almost sold out in 2016!), were wildly popular for use as gifts during the holiday season.

Myth #5 - Promo Products Don't Last

Promotional products have a reputation for being cheap and easily disposable, but the facts say otherwise. The average amount of time that people hang on to promotional products is 6.5 months - more than half a year!

Myth #6 - Promotional Products Don't 'Fit' With My Business or Industry

Every industry can harness the power of promotional products, however, it goes without saying that some promotional products are better suited to particular industries - it's just a matter of knowing your target audience.

That said, "outside the box" thinking when it comes to choosing the right promotional products can really transform a marketing campaign. For example, if all of your competitors are doling out pens and calendars, why not consider a unique item like a flashlight, some snazzy sunglasses, or even an eco-friendly branded tote bag?

Myth #7 - Promo Products Are Boring And Overused

Sure, promotional items like wall calendars are common. If you've been using them for a while, chances are good your customers have grown to expect a new calendar branded with your business logo every December. But that's a really good thing! Why? Because if your customers are looking for promo items from your company, that's a pretty clear indication they're using those items on a regular basis, which means your marketing efforts (even the ones that might seem 'boring') are working!

Myth #8 - Promotional Products Are "Way Too Expensive"

When cynics claim that promo products are too expensive, our response is this:  "compared to what"?

The fact is that ongoing marketing and branding is part of doing business in any environment, whether you provide professional services, operate a retail location, or run a restaurant.

Promo products deliver exceptional ROI when compared to other forms of advertising, and budget-conscious buyers can choose from a wide range of items at every price point.

Of course, the cost of the promotional products you choose should match both your target audience and the occasion. High volume handouts at trade shows and customer appreciation events are typically low-cost items, while premium promo products are best suited for use as draw prizes and perks for high-value customers and clients as well as employee recognition awards.

So the next time you're looking for a creative, cost-effective way to promote your business, amp up your branding efforts, and gain a competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace, why not think 'outside the advertising box' and order some unique promotional items? Contrary to what you might have heard, promo items are as popular, and effective, as ever!

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