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Customizing Your Product Part 2 | Embroidery

Why you should choose embroidery?

Customizing Your Product Part 2 | Embroidery

In an earlier blog post this year we began analyzing different imprint methods to help you determine which method is right for your brand. This week’s blog will outline everything you need to know about our embroidering process; as there are a lot of benefits associated with embroidery. Educating yourself about the most popular personalization methods used in the imprint industry can be the difference between a well-known brand and one that receives no recognition.

The first thing to determine is why you should choose embroidery to begin with, as you might ask yourself “what is the difference between having my item embroidered instead of screen-printed?” Although embroidery is generally a more expensive option than screen-printed, it is regarded as a higher quality imprint method as it does not fade and can withstand many wash cycles making it more durable. Another important feature of embroidered garments is that the imprint quite literally “pops-out” making your company logo stand out!

cap embroidery

Another benefit of having your product embroidered is that you have the ability to choose multiple thread colors without additional charges. Embroidered imprints are programmed into a machine once the design has been digitized, and it does not require screens, making it easier to switch from one thread color to another. Our prices include stitching in full color which means you will not have to compromise the identity of your brand by simplifying the colors of your imprint, as opposed to screen-printing. Embroidery is a great option for companies with complex, multi-color logos as our extensive thread palette includes a great range of colors, ensuring that your brand will be represented with a high level of quality.

TAJIMA machine

We always want to ensure that the product you receive is one that you will be completely satisfied with. Another important thing you need to know about the embroidery process is that the production time is different than a regular screen-printed order. Embroidery digitizing is the process of converting an artwork into a stitch file that embroidery machines can read. Due to the digitizing processing, there’s a lot of preparation time that must be accounted for before the order goes into production. This means that you must allow for the necessary time for the process to run smoothly. Give yourself enough time to communicate with our team about any changes, requests or question you may have about your order.  

TAJIMA caps embroidery setup

Choosing the products, the imprint method, and your advertising message are all important parts of creating a successful marketing campaign. You should not leave anything to chance as a poor promotional campaign can reflect negatively on your brand’s image. Ensure that your brand is being represented properly by taking the time to analyze which imprint method works best for you.

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