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Customizing Your Product Part 3: Colors Matter!

Ensure that your brand is being represented properly

Customizing Your Product Part 3: Colors Matter!

In previous articles, we highlighted the importance of choosing the correct products, imprint method, and your advertising message as they are all important parts of creating a successful marketing campaign. We would like to add another layer of customization options you should consider when personalizing an item; the imprint color. When selecting a color you should ensure that it goes along with your brand and the message that you're promoting.

The first question you might ask is: what are imprint colors? Imprint colors refer to the color of the ink used to print your information on the chosen product. The ink color is prepared depending on the imprint method and loaded onto the correct mechanism. Your information is then printed on the products with the selected ink color. When picking a product it is likely that a few color options will be available, except for products that are laser engraved, remember this is not an imprint color, but rather an imprint method (see our article on imprint methods for more info: Screen-printing & Laser Engraving when ordering our calendars the following colors are included with your setup cost: Blue, Black, Red & Green. You will have the option to choose from one of the standard imprint colors included with that particular item.

If you are wondering what standard imprint colors are, you are not alone. In fact this is one of our most frequently asked questions. Standard imprint colors are determined by the printing facility based on color availability, popular choices, and colors that match well with that of the product. Generally, for most of our products, you will get a decent choice of colors, and even options within that color. For example, if you purchase one of our plastic pens and you want blue imprint you will have the option of having your information printed in Royal Blue, Peacock Blue, Reflex Blue, or Navy.

We provide these options as we understand that there is a wide spectrum of colors, and we want to ensure your brand is represented properly.  If none of the color shades we provide as standard are satisfactory, and you would like us to match a specific shade, for an additional charge you can provide the exact color you want us to use. We refer to this as the ‘Pantone Matching System’ (PMS). This system) assigns a number code to each ink color, which reassures consistency throughout all printing facilities. PMS color matches are available on most promotional products. If you have questions regarding this system, our representatives will be ready to assist you.

For ideas on color schemes we suggest that "high energy" businesses would pick energetic colors on the warm end of the spectrum for example neon and bright colors, whereas places like spas, might go with tranquil colors, such as blues or greens. By extension, a red imprint will stand out on a black t-shirt, however, it may not work for something like a spa if you are trying to convey serenity. In picking colors for customization, you need to match your brand and your brand image. The color that you choose for your product is important as it needs to fit the brand and must work with the color of your product as well.

There you have it, these are the basics of choosing an imprint color, as a final pointer we would like to suggest to choose a contrasting item and imprint colors where possible as this will ensure your imprint will stand out. The imprint color is in some ways the most crucial as the imprint color can heighten the perceived value of the item and, in turn, allow your brand to stand out. Ensure that your brand is being represented properly by taking the time to analyze which imprint color works best for you.

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