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Give Them a Reason to Flip!

Learn why calendars are effective promotional tools.

Give Them a Reason to Flip!

We are halfway through the year which means that for many businesses this is the time when they begin to plan for future promotions and campaigns. Thousands of businesses throughout North America will choose calendars as a vehicle to advertise their brand. But what is it about calendars that make them effective promotional tools? In this blog we look at the different reasons why calendars work, and why you should choose them for your next marketing campaign.


Let’s begin with cost. Advertising costs money and let’s face it, there are a ton of options when it comes getting your name out there.  For example you can spend on TV and radio ads, or perhaps even a strategically placed billboard but instead of spending a fortune on these methods you can spread the word through branded products. Promotional calendars provide great value when it comes to bang for your buck, as they are kept for an average of 12 months and generate over 850 impressions throughout their lifetime. Additionally calendars typically cost under a $1 each (depending on the size of your order). Just think about the potential number of prospects, and new business you can gain for less than 99 pennies! 

If the price point does not convince you then maybe the practicality will. COMDA calendars remain visible throughout the year, and are very useful tools. Think about how many times you check your calendar for different reasons, each of them being an opportunity for the recipient to see your logo. Whether it’s used as an organizational tool, or as a decorative item, calendars still very much serve a purpose in our busy and active lives. They serve as a constant reminder that time, and what we do with it, is very important.  

Another great reason to purchase promotional calendars is their great appeal. COMDA.COM has over 60 unique titles that compliment just about any business or industry. Mixing and matching themes at no extra cost gives you more choice and flexibility to successfully reach your target audience. Our researchers and marketing team work with photographers and artists all year long  to find the best images for each calendar. We scour through hundreds, sometimes thousands, of images while paying close attention to every detail in the process to ensure the best product possible.  

So what’s not to love about promotional calendars? They are affordable, practical and appealing. They are an efficient way to reach a target audience for a low cost, and offer similar or greater benefits than other methods of advertising. The simple fact is - calendars work! Request a sample today free of charge and see why they are one of the smartest options for growing your business. 

Images: 2019 Advertising Specialty Institute

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