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Go Mobile! Top 4 Recommended Mobile Accessories

With an increase in mobile consumers, mobile-oriented accessories are the perfect promotional product for advertising! We've highlighted our top 4 recommendations below!

Go Mobile! Top 4 Recommended Mobile Accessories

According to a recent 2015 study by the Pew Research Center, roughly two-thirds of all Americans currently own a smartphone1. Smartphone use is not only on the rise, but it is also the primary avenue by which many people connect to the internet. In fact, the same study also states that as many as 7% of all smartphone owners have no alternative means of easily connecting to the internet. This means they do not utilize broadband or internet services outside of their regular mobile data.

Because of this, marketers are realizing that now, more than ever, people need to stay connected. This means keeping their devices on-hand, and powered-up, while on the go. For this reason, mobile-oriented promotional products are a very smart, savvy choice for any promoter. Many promotional brand-ready mobile products offer consumers a convenient way to transport, charge, or better utilize their devices, making sure that these products go hand-in-hand with the needs of on-the-go users. Consider one of the following mobile-ready items for your next promotional campaign and give your customers and potential leads a reason to reach for your brand!

 Power Bank with 2600 MaH with USB cable

Power Bank with 2600 MaH (CM2046)                  

This tiny power bank is large and in-charge! Just 3.5” long, it comes with an output cord and is perfect for charging smartphones and Mp3 players on the go! The Power Bank comes in Red, Blue, or Black, and features a perfect surface for screening your company’s logo!  

 Sample Matrix Pen with Phone (not included) Matrix Pen (CM1019)

The Matrix Pen is one of our top recommendations for mobile-ready products. This stylish pen is a multi-functional tool, serving as a stand for your mobile devices and a pen for your traditional-style note taking! The pen clip is also equipped with a soft padded material for wiping your mobile screens clean.  Available for single color imprint on Black, Blue, Red, Green, Orange, or Yellow, and featuring refillable blue ink with a medium point. Pick some up for the perfect promotional gift!
 Charger Soft Stylus PDA pens

Charger Soft Stylus (CM1081)

The Charger Soft Stylus offers a new twist on one of our already best-selling promotional pens! Featuring the same great metal click-action body our customers love on our traditional chargers, this version is equipped with a soft stylus for use on PDAs, tablets, smartphones, or any other touch-sensitive device. Keep this stylus handy for navigating your mobile devices or effortlessly transform it into a smooth-writing ballpoint for use in traditional notebooks. Available for imprint on five sleek colors: Black, Blue, Green, Silver, and Burgundy.

 Phone Pal with Pen and Microfiber Cloth Group

Phone Pal Stand with Soft PDA Pen and Microfiber Cloth (CM2048)

The Phone Pal is a 4-in-1 mobile cell phone stand that comes complete with a PDA pen and microfiber cloth for convenient screen cleaning! The stand is available in Red, Blue, Black, or Green.

Pick up any of these great mobile-ready products today and help encourage your customers to keep your brand on hand!


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