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How Digital Marketing and Promo Products Can Work Together

Creating a new marketing campaign

How Digital Marketing and Promo Products Can Work Together

If you are thinking about creating a new marketing campaign, you will need to identify the best ways you can reach your target audience. This is not always an easy task as we previously highlighted in an earlier article, especially with the increasing number of advertising options readily available at your disposal. In this article we want to introduce you to the idea of combining strategies so you can get the most out of your marketing campaign. In certain situations, the use of digital marketing and promotional products together can help you gain the traction and brand visibility you are looking for!

Trade shows are ultimately the perfect setting for combining digital and print methods into one strategy. You can create an experience by incorporating technology in your trade show, by making it an interactive space for your audience. Examples of this would include printing a hashtag on a product, which then allows users to interact via social media. You can also use the products as a reward for a competition or as a token for taking part in a poll or online survey. The idea is to use promotional items as a vehicle to drive your audience to the digital platform, rather than the item being the advertisement itself.


Physical products are an important tool used to reinforce visual content used in digital marketing techniques. For example, you could incorporate products that will encourage your audience to become involved in actively reaching out to your brand. These include giveaways such as flash drives, laptop covers and phone stands. These tech products are associated with the platforms on which the digital marketing efforts are being conducted. When in use these products encourage not only the users but also anyone seeing that product to interact with your brand. This allows you to increase your brand exposure, and build a relationship with potential customers in the real world.  These products are a serve as a constant reminder of the content shared digitally.

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Lastly, promotional products and digital marketing work best when you have a mixed audience in different age groups.  Combining strategies is especially useful when you are trying to build a campaign that will be appealing to different demographics. Younger generations prefer the digital approach while the older generation tends to lean towards printed materials, meaning that if there is one demographic that you are looking to attract you can. Additionally, your product may already be recognized by one demographic however if you are trying to attract a different one, using different methods and platforms will allow you to establish yourself the new group.  Phone Pal with Pen and Microfiber Cloth - Large

At COMDA we offer a great selection of products to pair with your digital marketing efforts if you need any help picking out the right product for you we have specialists that are ready to help. You can place an order through our website or you may call or chat with us to find out more about how you can identify and reach your target audience.

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