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Marketing in the Digital Era: Promo Products

Why choose promotional products over internet advertising in the era of digital marketing?

Marketing in the Digital Era: Promo Products

Marketing in the Digital Era: Promo Products

Designing a successful marketing campaign can be difficult, especially with the increasing number of options readily available at your disposal. The Journal of Economic Perspectives, reports that online advertising accounts for almost 9 percent of all advertising in the United States. This share is expected to increase as more media is consumed over the Internet and as more advertisers shift spending to online technologies. If you are trying to decide between traditional methods of advertising such as newspaper, television and printing or exploring new avenues, for example the pay-per-click model or email marketing and need more information before making up your mind then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog we will outline some of the benefits of using promotional products in your next marketing event.

The main question to ask yourself is “why choose promotional products over internet advertising in the era of digital marketing?” There are many benefits that promo products offer which are not offered by online marketing campaigns. The first advantage is that promotional products offer repeated exposure, making it more likely that a potential customer will retain a company name, brand or logo.  According to a study performed by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), 85 % of people who received targeted advertisements in the form of printed apparel could recall the name of the company who gave them that product . In short what this means is that promo products are an effective way to increase brand awareness as they are often kept and used by their recipients.

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Furthermore according to a separate study conducted by ASI, when asked how long they keep a typical type of promotional item, the average was around 8 months, with some items such as calendars, mobile power banks, and umbrellas being kept a year or more. This is very useful data which allows us to understand why promotional products are a successful advertising vehicle. Each time the item is used it creates exposure for the advertiser and the effect of this is magnified when the product meets or surpasses its expected longevity. This repeated exposure over a long period of time at no added cost to the advertiser is yet another advantage of purchasing promotional products.

Promotional Products

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 Promotional products are a less expensive option compared to most other forms of advertising, which do not provide the same guarantees. ASI concludes that promotional products remain less expensive per impression as individuals are repeatedly exposed to message without any additional cost to the advertiser. Additionally, promotional products are regarded as the most effective form of advertising by customers under 55 years old as it allows for much greater levels of interaction with consumers, and allows businesses to build rapport with their target audiences. Distributing promotional items at events such as trade shows requires a physical interaction between the advertiser and the audience that is not offered to the same extent by internet advertising. Lastly, ASI reports that consumers are nearly 2.5 x more likely to have a positive reaction to promo products compared to internet advertising as they are less invasive. Social media and internet advertising campaigns rely on putting content in places where it would have naturally not occurred.

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 Images: ©2016  Advertising Specialty Institute®. All Rights Reserved.

So if you are looking to obtain immediate results, great returns and ultimately want to go with a strategy that is proven to work, then promo products would be your best bet. Stay tuned for a future blog outlining how promo products can help boost your online presence.






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