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Paper or Digital?

Get the Best of Both Worlds.

Paper or Digital?

Now that you know all the benefits of a printed, personalized wall or desk calendar, you may be saying to yourself, “But my customers use a digital calendar on their phone or tablet. Why would I give out a printed calendar”? The answer is simple, you can give both for the one great price.

Surprisingly, paper calendars are continuing to thrive in this digital age. The combination of aesthetics with simplicity are one of the reasons. There is no need to activate software or launch another app. Paper calendars are straightforward and glitch-free. They have that personalized feel and can reflect our personalities, interests and aspirations. They are beautiful to look at with inspiring and awesome imagery. Most offer useful and interesting information in the way of tips, quotes or facts. With the range of themes offered by COMDA, there is a title for each and every customer.

COMDA has always been an innovative leader in promotional calendars, and we are pleased to introduce the first calendar app that works with our full line up of wall calendars. Each and every one of our titles is available for download and use on your smartphone or tablet. Plum Tree has the same functionality as most smartphone calendars but with the added benefit of being pleasing to look at, allowing your customer to download the title of their choice.

With Plum Tree you get to advertise your business for FREE. You can promote special offers and events to your customers and to potential customers in your neighborhood for FREE. Encourage customers to “follow” your business. Reward them with special savings throughout the year and keep them coming back. Best of all when you give out one of our exciting wall calendars, the recipients can download a calendar of their choice…for FREE!

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