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Promotional Product Trends: A Look Back at 2018

An extraordinary year for promotional product advertising!

Promotional Product Trends: A Look Back at 2018

As there are only a few days remaining in 2018, let’s take a moment to reflect on some of the year’s highlights! It has been an extraordinary year for promotional advertising as the industry continues to grow and evolve. Customer’s preferences are ever-changing and the promotional product industry reflects this. As a result, we are able to find patterns and determine the year’s most popular items, color schemes, and themes to help you choose the products you should be engaging your customers with.

Stainless Steel Flask - CM2235

The first trend we noticed was a heavy focus on certain colors and textures. We found that this year there’s a strong preference for subtle and simple designs. We know that this is not particularly new, as simplicity has always been in style but it appears that it has had a resurgence. Products featuring unique colors such as bright neons, and metallic finishes have been very popular. Additionally, we are noticing a pattern in vintage looks and feels for example canvas products, like our totes and stainless steel items such our Flask (CM2235). Other popular textures include faux leather, and heathered, as these materials offer a classic clean look that won’t break the bank.

The second trend is a result of all the buzz created around environmentally friendly products.  In an earlier article, we highlighted some of the benefits of such items that can be reused and recycled. Engaging customers with these products is more about sending the message that you are a forward-thinking company. Branding and gifting these products demonstrates that you are socially conscious, and shows an effort to diminish your impact on the environment. Products made of Bamboo top the list in this category, followed by items made of recycled material.

Bamboo Bread Cutting Board - CM2246

Silicone Smart Phone Wallet with Snap Closure - CM9162

Lastly, tech gadgets and phone accessories have also been immensely popular. As millennials enter the workforce and take on leadership positions a lot of advertising is being catered to their preferences– our power banks, smartphone wallet, phone pal stand are amongst the best sellers as businesses attempt to engage with a new demographic. Additionally, products like phone cases, speakers and other accessories can also be retailed after putting your logo on it. These products are often regarded as higher end which means they are more expensive but the lifetime of these items and the return generated by them is certainly worth it!  

While some trends will never go out of style, as we highlighted in our timeless products blog other trends are evolving and rapidly growing. Beyond having a great product and service, staying in the loop with current trends can help your brand stand out. Establishing a positive image through the use of popular environmentally-friendly alternatives is an effective way to remain in the public’s eye.

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