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Promotions for Pet Lovers!

Pet inspired products to help you grow your brand!

Promotions for Pet Lovers!

If you have an animal in your life you know they are more than just a pet. They are our friends, and for many, a part of our family. That’s why we have created a list of pet-friendly promotions to celebrate all the love our furry friends bring to our lives! These items are not only great for veterinarians, rescue shelters and other organizations, but also for pretty much anyone who loves animals! Build trust, and brand recognition by giving out thoughtful gifts printed with your logo, so that every time they are used your customers and prospects will think of you! Whether you work with animals or just want to show your appreciation for them, we have #TheRightStuff to do just that.

Water bottles top our list of items that are perfect for animal lovers. Great for helping humans stay hydrated on a walk, water bottles are also wonderful for animal companions. We suggest the Clear Spout Water Bottle CMSS069 or Stainless Steel Grip Bottle (5886). Both of these bottles feature a ring which makes them easy to carry with just one finger. Perfect for any animal lover whose hands are busy with a leash. Attach a carabiner to these to keep keys and belongings all together! For a more convenient option that does not take up too much space and can be easily stored, we also recommend our Collapsible Water Bottle CM2194.


 Clear Spout Water Bottle CMSS069



Our Flyers (frisbees) provide endless hours of fun and are a good way to keep dogs fit. They are the perfect accessory to take to the dog park, the beach, or you can just toss it in your backyard. If you have a doggo with a lot of energy you know how important it is for them to stay active. This is a gift that both the pet and their owner will love equally, as it will allow them to spend time together! 

Cleaning up after your pets, is probably the only downside to owning one. We want to make that part of being a pet-parent a little bit easier, so we suggest the Hand Wipe Dispenser (CM2220). Easily branded with your company name or logo, the dispenser fits in your pocket for those long walks, and anytime you are on the go. Give these to your clients or prospects to keep in their car, or purse for a quick and easy way to rinse off after a play-date with their  pets.

 Hand Wipe Dispenser


 Pet Calendar


Other alternatives for pet lovers that deserve an honorable mention include our Pets promotional calendar, as well as our Dogs and Kitten themes. These are a good thank you gift for clients at pet stores, and also serve as an effective advertising vehicle for prospects. Veterinarians and rescue organizations can also make use of our various styles of totes and backpacks as these are also very popular amongst pet owners! The versatility of these is what makes them outstanding promotional products. These can be used at the grocery store, school or even to bring lunch into work. #TheRightStuff is everywhere!

If you have any questions regarding these, or any other products, we have a team of professionals ready to help!

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