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Raising Awareness with Promotional Products

The importance of using promotional products as a vehicle to raise awareness.

Raising Awareness with Promotional Products

In the spirit of Movember we decided to touch on the importance of using promotional products as a vehicle to raise awareness. There is a cause being honored in just about every month of the year; this past May was Mental Health Awareness month, followed by National Cancer Survivor Month in June, and more recently we celebrated Breast Cancer Awareness month in October. Whatever cause you support, promotional products can play a key role in bringing attention to the issue at hand.

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Amongst the benefits of using promotional products is that they help spread your message, which makes them an effective tool for raising awareness.  The reason these promotional items are so effective is because they are able to engage users in multiple ways. As your message travels around in public, it creates a lasting impression on the users, and those seeing it allowing you to expand your reach. Whether you are organizing a fundraiser event, planning a giveaway, or a donation campaign; the flexibility our products will ensure your cause attracts the greatest amount of attention.

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There is a great sea of options when it comes to promotional products, and your possibilities for customization are virtually endless. Promotional products come in a wide range of colors to help you match the theme of the cause you are supporting. Take the breast cancer movement for example, which has successfully branded itself with the iconic pink ribbon. If this is a cause you are looking to raise awareness for, purchase some pink items or print the ribbon on a product of your choice, as a way to show support for the movement. Another product idea would be to personalize a mug and print a mustache on it as a symbol of support for Movember. The great thing about promotional products is that options vary to fit any companies’ budget.

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These products have an immediate impression on those who receive them, as data suggests consumers have a more favourable impression of the brand after receiving the merchandise. For this reason, promotional products have the ability to create a positive image for your business. We like to call this – positive brand recognition. By supporting a cause, consumers will associate your brand with social consciousness. A good reputation can be a powerful tool for converting as many prospects as possible into new customers. As a business, you can benefit from promoting your brand on awareness days, and you can donate some of the proceeds to the cause of your choice.

 Developing a creative campaign that uses promotional products to raise awareness has the potential to build some goodwill and gain valuable brand recognition. There are cost-effective options and a wide selection of products to help you spread your message and bring attention to an important issue.

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