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What are the Differences Between Pill and No-Pill Fleece?

Learn how to use fleece products as a way to warm people up to your brand!

What are the Differences Between Pill and No-Pill Fleece?

With the holidays officially over, we are heading into what seems like the longest and coldest part of the winter. In light of this, we have put together an informative guide on the differences between pill and no-pill fleece. It is important to understand the differences between seemingly identical materials so that you can be informed about which products are right for you. This will help you determine how you want your brand to be represented and perceived. Don’t leave your clients out in the cold this winter. Learn how you can use fleece products as a way to warm people up to your brand.

As you may have noticed, “no-pill” fleece has become a bit of a buzzword this season, but what does it really mean? First we must begin by looking at regular or “synthetic” fleece and the process by which it’s made in order to understand more about this fabric. Fleece comes from polyester, the same material used in a lot of dress shirts and pants. This is a very durable and strong material which can be brushed to form a swatch of polyester. As the fibers break, they produce a puffy fabric that we know as fleece. At times, when the fibers come in contact with other fabrics and surfaces the loose ends of the fibers bunch together creating little balls of material we know as “pills”. These little balls of fluff take years off our lives from all the time we spend trying to get rid of them using lint brushes and a number of other techniques.

One of the solutions to this problem was to create “no pill” fleece also known as “anti-pill” and “premium velour” fleece. If you come across any of these terms they are simply different names for the same material. No-pill fleece is processed in a way that considerably reduces the number of pills that form on clothing, blankets and other commonly used items. Pills are formed as the items are washed, and used for an extended period of time, however, the fibers in “anti-pill” fleece may be twisted together more tightly or packed closer together, to reduce “pilling” compared to the fibers of regular fleece. The result is a material that has a much smoother surface, which is optimal for personalization. The anti-pill surface ensures that when a product is being screen-printed or embroidered that no extra materials impede the printing process. This allows for clear designs on the finished products and more durable imprints as the wear and tear on these products increases.

At first glance, regular and “no-pill” fleece is virtually identical however no-pill fleece is significantly better for imprinting and personalization purposes. Although regular fleece is cheaper in price, no-pill fleece is considered higher quality and tends to last longer. If you are looking to personalize no-pill products we have a great selection such as: Core365 Fleece Jacket (88190 / 78190), North End Performance Men's Soft Shell Jacket (88099) and our Core365 Region 3-IN-1 Jacket (88205 / 78205). Whichever style you choose, we are sure your clients will appreciate the thoughtful gift!

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