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For 45 years COMDA has consistently delivered the highest standard of service on personalized promotional products at the lowest possible price, all backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! To further assist our customers go grow their businesses and lower operating costs we are proud to introduce a range of new custom-printed products – anything and everything you may require in checks and forms that are compatible with leading accounting software as well as envelopes and labels.

If you need something new, we will be pleased to design it for your approval. If you need to reorder an existing item at a lower cost, simply request a catalog and we will send you a pre-addressed, postage paid envelope for you to send us a sample which we will be pleased to quote you on. Our Gorilla Guarantee is your assurance of the lowest pricing possible.

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Virtually every business requires checks to process payments of all sorts. Too many businesses purchase them through their local financial institutions or third-party print brokers. If you are one of these businesses, you are paying too much for your checks!

COMDA can provide any type of design of check required for your business or personal use. We can product single checks, booked checks, continuous form and laser checks. We produce checks for most popular accounting software packages, including QuickBooks Pro, SAGE, AccPac and many others.

All checks are printed on Defensa design SG security paper and meet the stringent standards and requirements of the National Automated Clearing House Association to maintain maximum security on our transactions. Additionally, we can provide you with window envelopes to match your checks, as well as 2 and 3 part deposit books and binders.


Computer forms for all software application

Whatever software accounting program you are using, we can provide the form perfectly designed for you. If you have a custom software program simply send us a sample of the output and we will design the form to suit. Forms are available as single sheet laser or continuous tractor-fed. 

We have prepared layouts for most types of laser and continuous forms for the following popular software programs: QuickBooks Pro, SAGE, AccPac, MS Dynamics, DynaCom, PC Law and more.


Snapset forms

Set your business apart from your competitors! If you provide us with a sample of what you are presently using we will be pleased to provide you with a quotation that will save you money. Or, detail your specifications and we will design a custom form to meet your needs. We have a wide range of preset snapset forms such as invoices, purchase orders, statements and more…designed for Office, General Services and Trade Services.  

ranging from Office forms, General Service form, Invoices, Trades and Services, Office Forms, Business forms division. 


Business Envelopes

Customize all sorts of envelopes including white wove open end, natural kraft open end, donation envelopes, twindow envelopes and much more. 


Labels for any custom shapes for FREE

The Labels we offer are durable, scratch resistant and have a UV coating for fade resistance. Gloss and Matte UV varnish are also available. The labels shown are examples of various sizes on various substrate materials to show the many varieties available. Please send us YOUR label for an exact quote.

SHAPE - With laser die cutting technology, ANY CUSTOM SHAPE IS FREE!

SIZE - With roll widths ranging up to 12” and lengths ranging up to 27”, most label sizes are accommodated (some restrictions apply).

QUANTITY - We are competitive in a wide range of quantities from 1,000’s to 100,000’s. Our minimum quantity is 50.

INK - Digital ink with UV protection, which resists fading, provides a vibrant full color. One color to full color, and the option of opaque white ink enhances your images to stand out. 

MULTIPLE SKU’S - Grouping labels (same size/stock/shape) gives you a competitive advantage and reduces your cost.

VARIABLE - We can print consecutive numbering, consecutive or static barcodes, QR codes, UPC codes or variable data. Available in black ink only.

LAMINATE - Gloss or Matte laminates are durable, scratch resistant and have a UV coating for fade resistance. Gloss and Matte UV varnish are also available.

ROLL LABELS - Labels are produced in rolls, either “best fit” per roll or by quantity requested. Depending on order size and/ or quantity, 3” cardboard cores may be used. Optional perforating between labels is available.

SHEETED LABELS - Labels can be sheeted, either as individual images or multiple labels. Minimum sheet size is 2” x 2”.

PRESS PROOFS - Press proofs or die-cut press proofs are available for an upcharge.

We appreciate that some may be reluctant to change suppliers – even if it means saving money! So, as an added incentive, we are extending an introductory
bonus – 25% OFF our everyday low pricing on your first order. Give us as many forms as you can to take full advantage of the additional 25% savings!!

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact our Help Desk at 1-888-402-6632

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