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Design Services

At COMDA, your image is important to us! That’s why we go the extra mile to ensure that your brand looks great on any product you choose. Whether you want to embroider, engrave, or imprint, we strive to ensure that your logo or design is durable and stands the test of time on any surface.

No Logo? No Problem!

If you’ve never had a logo, or perhaps aren’t happy with your current logo and simply want to refresh your brand, we can help! We’ve got the eye for design, and we’ll work with you every step of the way to develop an image that best represents your business. Don’t get stuck with old, block-type font faces. Let our design experts at COMDA help you come up with a design that helps define your brand!

Get It Printed!

Not sure whether your logo is suitable for print? Let us take a look! We'll make sure that your logo is the correct size, ensuring that your company name and/or slogan is legiible on any product you brand!

Printable vs non printable logos

 Art Approval Process

Before you settle on the final version of your logo, you'll receive a virtual proof.  We'll make sure the design is to your liking before we go ahead with your order!


Logo Makeovers

Does your logo need a refresh? Send it our way. Our designers are happy to help you tweak your original brand, giving you a fresh new look while preserving your brand’s identity! Speak to one of our design representatives today to learn how you can update your original logo for free!

Product Design and Logo Placement

Not sure where to put your new logo? Need help figuring out how to use promo products to showcase your company? Want a multi-logo product? Our designers will help figure out the best placement for your logo to really help your brand shine! Make your logo stand out by selecting the best spot on apparel, pens, water bottles and more! We know just where to put it to ensure that your logo looks great every time.

COMDA | Product Design and Logo Placement


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